Two major good recipes are flexible to solve VoIP problem of the public call center

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Just as treating the customer in the trade company, the ones that regard the public as the government ” Customer ” ,It is a basic idea of government’s management innovation in the 21st century that all regard customer as the centre. At the present stage, the E-government of developed country is being put emphasis on serving without exception. The government department is combining various means: Network, call center, information pavilion, short information of cell phone, even TV, offer convenient services to the public. ” Regard the public as the centre ” Service theory already rooted in the hearts of the people.

Meanwhile,reform of more than 20 year,succeed in not realizing control mode of our government already from ” The controlling government ” Turn towards ” The management service type government ” Transition. In conformity with this, too to stress service type government affairs of regarding the public as the centre change of our country E-government. In this course, how to make the public and connection between the governments more convenient and more effective, the implementation method of U.S.A. N11, perhaps is worth drawing lessons from.

The public department of U.S.A. has seemed to already find through technology, the new method of letting the masses and connection between the governments be more convenient. ” N11″ Call center For example call out what the non- urgent government serves ” 311 hot lines ” With the one that call out community service ” 211 hot lines ” ,Offer a shortcut to the public, enterprise and visitor: Through a good telephone number that remembers, can visit a series of government service immediately.

N11 call center can adopt a series of operation mode according to locals’ partiality and demand. But no matter which kind of mode, CIO which implement N11 call center should combine two important concepts: First, integrated communication, is second, distributed the function of the call center. The two can offer flexibility and expanding stronger N11 operation environment when being combined together. In this way, N11 call center will offer more complete function: Can both used in daily ordinary operation and be used in urgent moment the role calling out having a soaring quantity, call center at this time becomes essential .

The good recipe one: Integrated communication

Most already careful to know, get counter,etc. channel integrate inside a system to serve N11 call center telephone, network, mail, fax, service CIO, it is the best way to support the public and customer. If the government can offer information through various channels – -Or offer information through a plurality of channels at the same time, the public is more convenient when contacting government, and and the operation efficiency of the government improves its level that serves the public and thereupon promotes.

Under the integrated environment, the public affairs can pass website, instant cellphone

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