The person who finds out about inside story: Wireless M&A establishes shock wave

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Amalgamation, the newest round obtained and cooperated relates to oldest supplier of some radiotelegram infrastructure apparatus manufacturers of world According to the persons who will find out about inside story with nervousness ( A new report released has the whole wireless infrastructure of prominent result to offer the chain, research service of a kind of payment of the relaxed reading materials Limited Company ( .

” Seller M&A is frenetic: Happen next ” Expect, produce, exceed about mobile phone network apparatus market analysis stable influence and appraisal value dollar of one market key development of oves income this year Some, but face the total development prospect not very high. The report includes detailed market share and escapes and is suitable for the wireless infrastructure income of the whole world with the seller and with technology (CDMA, GSM and UMTS) Type .

” Network apparatus stable economic logic in the market force for a long time all the time in mobile phone, ” Pay attention to Gabriel and Brown for understanding inside story person and author of nervousness of the report, chief analyst. ” Because the service provider consolidates in a series of incidents caused in North America, M&A deadlock has already been destroyed, the department is going through a deep structure and reforming the course now. ”

Bigger trade relates to Alcatel, giant of industry, Ericsson, Huawei, Siemens, Nortel Networks, Nokia, Lucent Technologies, setting up that in the country of a infrastructure supplier’s dictatorship of oligarch in fact and accounting for the infrastructure income of over 80% cells in whole world with other people, Brown says. ” The size influences a seller’s investment research and ability of development directly, optimize and supply chain and production with, offer, invest, the geographical difference, and the end that make, profit. ”

The main conclusion ” Seller M&A is frenetic: Happen next ” Including the following content:

Until half stage of infrastructure market of cells to flat in half stage on 2005 on 2006, but because of lower profit; This decline in profit range drives a stable main factor of supplier.
Market share reveals the first 3 supplier Ericsson after consolidating, Alcatel is shiny, and Nokia – Siemens will account for 70% in nearly market of wireless infrastructure of whole world of 56 billion dollars in 2006.
3 G system will account for 20% of the probably wireless infrastructure income this year, drive in 2010 another key market trend market seller M&A and cooperation move 50% of the growth.
Smaller seller will be influenced by enormouser pressure in the following several years, because some forward market that is using OFDMA technology agrees with the position confirmed in advance and abandons UMTS 3 G, such as WiMax.

Include including in the company of this report: Alcatel; Ericsson AB; Huawei limited company of technological company; Lucent Technologies Inc.; Motorola Limited Company; NEC Company; Nokia Company; Nortel Networks Co., Ltd.; Siemens Company; Samsung electronics corporation Co., Ltd.; And ZTE Company

” Seller M&A is frenetic: Happen next ” Order like every year (12 questions) Part equally can offering for understanding inside story of nervousness person,1 of Israels, 595 dollars fix the price. The specific report is suitable for 900 dollars.

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