The file reveals resurgence plans to provide for Iran and is calculated the apparatus by the embargo

April 14th, 2012 by admin | Print

According to a file that the media got, have already agreed to provide several million dollars of value for Iran American computer apparatus of the embargo in resurgence.

This file reveals, resurgence is to offer this batch from computer apparatus of the American manufacturer with of contract which companies signs of Iran according to June 30, 2011, including IBM is a little rich The server, the exchangers of Cisco and Brocade Communications Systems, the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells is a little rich With the database software of EMC, backup and antivirus software of Symantec, and the fire wall of Juniper Networks. The file claims, these products will be used mainly in the support service of the business, the payment system substantially as including resurgence.

And spokesman had shown resurgence in an E-mail last week: “As far as I know, the company has not provided any products for Iran at present. ” Can offer future, spokesman this also call Monday: “We have no intention of continuing honouring an agreement or offering the products. ” This spokesman also claims: “After realizing this contract involved the embargoed products in U.S.A., we have already decided to cancel this agreement. ”

In order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, U.S.A., Europe and the United Nations have been implementing economic sanction to Iran all the time. For many years, the U.S. government has been forbidden the above-mentioned products to sell to Iran.

As to this, above-mentioned the intersection of product and manufacturer say they understand resurgence with the intersection of Iranian and supply agreement that Company signed, and the manufacturer says, has already launched the investigation to this. IBM spokesman claims: “The agreement of we and resurgence forbids resurgence to provide the products for Iran clearly, otherwise IBM will take the adequate measure. ”

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