The apple is bent on raising the price of the e-book Meet with American Ministry of Justice’s prosecution

April 14th, 2012 by admin | Print

American Ministry of Justice litigates to apple and many publishers in the court of New York area on Wednesday, claim these companies connive to handle the price of the e-book.

Sand Reis Po of vice attorney general of the agent of Ministry of Justice of American is full of trees SharisA.Pozen Claim, it is about 2 to 3 dollars that the collusion activity that companies such as the apple,etc. are suspected of being involved in and are engaged in leads to the fact the e-book price which consumers paid is raised, total value is raised about 100 million dollars. Po full of trees shows: “Our goal is to resume market competition. ”

Well-informed person say apple with publisher Macmillan refuse to conciliate and negotiate with American Ministry of Justice, and deny that has connived to raise the price of the e-book. Apple and publisher may propose, the competition of their cooperative promotion electronic book fair scene, and Amazon is a little rich It is a leading person of this market.

A personage in the know said last month, American Ministry of Justice would investigate how apples changed the publisher’s way to charge to iPad e-book. Another two personages in the know say, Simon

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