NetLogic name chief financial officer

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NetLogic miniature system Limited Company (Nasdaq: NETL) ,The leader in design and evolution taking knowledge as processor on the foundation, announce Michael T.’s appointment Tate as its vice president and chief financial officer today, valid July 18, 2007.

Tate is a temporary chief financial officer before, vice president, auditor of company and technology organize financial executive he of Co., Ltd. participate in Marvell obtain as Marvell Garineir have by technology in will it be January 2001 in Marvell Restricting the part of the company before joining Marvell, from 1997 to 2001, he serves in various senior financial administration roles in Garineir technological Co., Ltd., including finance and the chief financial officer’s vice president. From 1994 to 1997, S3 that Tate amalgamate hold various advanced financial administration position.

E is very glad to welcome Mike to come to the company, Ron Jankov, the president and CEO say. e Bring a large number of financial experiences, and strong industrial knowledge and one manage prominent score record over the years of success of growth in heavy fabless semiconductor Company most one of. When preparing in the company, Mike together with us for begin new developing stage in order to measure minimum grade NETLiteprocessors top-grade with knowledge with deal with in exciting time Based on drive production lines wide processor and 7 layer application and one of the security personnel ones very.

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