MWC2011 industry personages have an optimistic view of Nokia and lead along Microsoft by hand one after another

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[]On according to Reuter the electricity of February 17, a few days ago, at World Conference on mobile communication held in Barcelona, mobile phone and chip manufacturer support the alliances of Nokia and Microsoft vigorously, the executive of wireless communication trade praises this alliance for being favorable to competition and innovation too.

Nokia with Microsoft reach news of cooperative partner, announce this bring a stronger rival for the intersection of valley and the intersection of Android and operating system of song on last week.

Though since the news of cooperating announce, the stock price of Nokia has dropped and exceeded 20%, the recent stock price touches the minimum since 1998 especially, but come out boldly to support this alliance with mobile phone and chip manufacturer, think this keeps moving competitiveness of software platform, and prevent a way of the meagre profit PC industry -like products.

The chief executive officer WarrenEast of the chip design trader ARMHoldings shows, the competition is always good, a strong supplier helps the trade to develop.

At present, the operating system has already become the key field on the market of leading world intellectual mobile phone.

In recent years, Nokia is beaten in a contest in the compitition with apple iPhone and valley song Android software. Last quarter, Android ended in Nokia Symbian system and ruled the intellectual ten -year long hegemony of mobile phone platform.

Microsoft WindowsPhone7 only 2% of market share of last quarter, but drew support from Nokia, this kind of state may get maximal improvement.

People afraid Nokia and cooperation of Microsoft will make it give up the existing platform not to adopt the intersection of Microsoft and the intersection of software and Mobile manufacturers of platform originally, but this kind of worry seems groundless.

Samsung shows, this cooperative agreement will not influence it to use plan of WindowsPhone7 platform.

The fifth largest intellectual hand machine manufacturer in world – -Great in Taiwan to reach the electricity HTC Products contain Android and Microsoft twice system,company show optimism about cooperation.

The president GianfrancoLanci of Acer represents, the alliances of Nokia and Microsoft are favorable to relevant enterprises.

The chief executive officer PaulJacobs of high pass shows too, this alliance is favorable to the mobile communication trade.

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