It is carried to the end video communication solution that based on IP soft telephone

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Avaya IP pronunciation communication system can be offered the video communication capacity of carrying the end by the users who use Avaya IP software telephone. Have the users that soft telephone videos permitted, only need to install IP software telephone of Avaya on the desk-top computer, and dispose an ordinary USB lens, namely possess and carry to the end video communication function. In two while using IP software telephone and disposing and taking a photograph of the users like head and phoning, the system will start the communication of video automatically, makes two users see the other side each other, certainly users can choose the video communication of inactivation too, and only carry on the telephone talk.

Users can dispose menus through IP soft telephone video, carry on the disposition to the video quality, picture display mode,etc.. While the video communicates, users can control and select to suspend / continue etc. the video through the video at any time. The picture reveals that separates revealing alone and drawing two ways in the picture for users to choose:

The soft telephone of Avaya IP video supports flexible connection and control method to realize IP pronunciation and video communication:

? Independent working way
? Share and control IP microphone
? Share the microphone of the control figure

Users can choose to adopt any connection ways according to the real network environment, Avaya IP video soft telephone can all offer unanimous users to operate interfaces and use and experience, make users enjoy and pursue sound and luxuriant pronunciation and video communication.

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