Beijing Telecom pushes student 3G favourable gift bags 3G mobile costs lowest 360 yuan

September 29th, 2011 by admin | Print

After putting out various pronunciation set menu expenses, China Telecom is a little rich Beijing Company Hereafter referred to as Beijing Telecom Claim to put out the most substantial campus 3G mobile gift bag, the 3G mobile of the lowest price is 360 yuan alone of gift bag, but include famous brand one mobile phone and 360 yuan telephone expenses.

One of the characteristics popularized in campus is the full coverage of 3G this year in Beijing Telecom. For this reason, Beijing Telecom faces the market of campus to put out ten varied 3G mobile gift bags, and mainly push 3G intellectual mobile phone gift bag among them.

In addition, it is quite favourable too that Beijing Telecom faces 3G gift bag price that the market of campus puts out. According to the news that previous China Telecom reveals, up to the end of 2010, the wing 3G mobile networks the model and reaches 304 fund on day of EVDO rule, selling the average price of the model to drop by 54% compared with the beginning of the year, reduce and consume the threshold by a wide margin.

This time, Beijing Telecom face the intersection of campus and market put out 880, 600, 480, 360,etc. many shelf 3G mobile gift bagses respectively, no matter which gear campus user choose, give the equivalent telephone expenses. For example low gift bag price of 3G mobile only sell at 360 yuan, give the telephone expenses of 360 yuan separately most, arrive in 20 months.

In numerous 3G intellectual mobile phone gift bags, Beijing Telecom has an optimistic view of, is what main force introduced or 3G intellectual mobile phone too most this year, because to adopt Android operating system on day no matter the intellectual mobile phone of wing is promoted from price or performance greatly compared with former years. Five Android intellectual mobile phones that Beijing Telecom introduces on university’s market this year are 3G intellectual model of a thousand yuan of mainstream in China of China Telecom at present, China among them is one of the models which China Telecom pays attention to most at present for C8650, also one rejects the 3G mobile big. Sell in the university with the preferential price of students, it is only 880 yuan, is lower than the retail price. The gift bag included China as one of C8650, and gave the telephone expenses of 880 yuan.

Other several 3G intellectual mobile phone gift bags are 780 yuan, Beijing Telecom gave the telephone expenses of 780 yuan too, return in 20 months.

Beijing Telecom reminds users, buying the intellectual mobile phone gift bag needs promising to consume in certain moon, Beijing Telecom offers the favourable 3G campus set menu of many shelves at the same time. Users can choose the location of appropriate shelf according to one’s own communication requirement.

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