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Kang Pu is and distributed the aerial system and realized intelligent link for the base station

The news on April 26, Kang Pu Company introduced ” integrative type ” recently Exquisite intelligence interface, this product can let the base station receive and dispatch the platform BTS With the distributed aerial system DAS During connection getting more smooth in communication,last building and connections wireless of venues large-scale.

Estimate in advance according to the insider, it is all indoors that the ones that nowadays have over 75% of the cellular telephones are allocated and received. So the operator is accelerating the disposing and dealing with the growth causing the demand in the room of DAS actively. But optimize the scheme through health general i-POITM,etc., the operator can test to the blind area or potential cost district of this part of networks that manages, if these problems can not be got, accumulating over a long period may become the great trouble.

Kang PuXin i-POI adopts the advanced design plan, can thereby regulate BTS thoroughly, have no source to mutually adjust PIM to control to gain ,Therefore control to a plurality of operator facilities and merge all facilities into single, compact module the power.

Kang Pu is distributed cover with to say with capacity solution department senior vice-president and concurrently general manager MattMelester: “Wireless operator, system integration trader and the factory owner always meet the question while disposing or upgrading the existing system in planning DAS, among them the most urgent problem is unable to see the regulating process of base station and throughput of data because PIM and space restrain from drop. I-POI can specially meet the challenge of these, no matter in the existing mere network ION of general intelligence of health The environment can play a valid role in the third party DAS infrastructure. ”

The intellectual method that i-POI took has reduced the base station to regulate assemblies needed, in addition promoted the definition of preparing the course in distributing signals extensively too. In the traditional device, it is to piece together the single device of several different ones that the base station is regulated, these devices often come from a plurality of manufacturers. This needs more spaces and apparatus, design and installation cost are lifted because of this, the possibility that the network PIM happens is this increase too.

Have, adopt different the intersection of frequency band and of operator much, base station regulate will become difficult to control then. I-POI lets the complicated problem become simple and strengthen setting up, controlling, alert news to output into the local and long-range function of the power level. Compare traditional method with, in good order space demand that miniature area make of i-POI reduce by 75%. I-POI has already been listed on North America at present, it is estimated and popularize to the whole world during future several months.

Kang Pu is a leader of DAS field, has more than 20,000 ION devices in U.S.A.. ION is easy to popularize, based on optic fibre to covering with and capacity solution employed inside and outside the room, suitable for different power and possess unique much frequency band and many operator platforms. Kang Pu’s empty repeater includes intact pico, micro radio frequency strengthening device and digital node of macroscopical rank. The repeater can offer the wide radio frequency signal of the coverage rate and possess oneself and diagnose through the aerial, debug and support many power world-leading cover and systematic solution provider of capacity in function of frequency band oneself, have intact cover and product mix of capacity, including ION? Station, HELIAX put directly to distribute the aerial system, series Node? Mix optic fibre, coaxial cable, RADIAX? Let out coaxial cable, CellMax? Indoor antenna and other passive devices. Health popularize their the intersection of Andrew and solution in the orbit railways from all parts of the world under command, there are the valuable experiences of over 30 years on offering and designing, installing and managing the complicated radio signal distributing system in the heavy construction, radio and telephone operator. It succeeds in employing the project to also include Germany ICE high-speed railway, the subway systems of Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow and Montreal, gymnasiums and stadiums of cowherd in Dallas and great venues such as World Cup venues,etc. in 2010, and the countless airports from all parts of the world.

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The net profit of the first quarter of Ericsson is up to 1,300 million dollars Increase by 33% compared with the same period of last year

The news on April 25, Ericsson announces the wealth newspaper of first quarter of 2012 today. The wealth newspaper reveals, realize 51 billion Swedish Krones of net sales amount in the first quarter, drop by 4% compared with the same period of last year, the chain rate drops by 20%; From network equipment among them to only sell and up to 27,300 million Swedish Krones, drop by 18% compared with the same period of last year, but from globle service to sell, up to 20,600 million Swedish Krone only, increase 18% compared with the same period of last year; Come from supporting the only selling and reaching 3 billion Swedish Krones of the solution, increase by 33% compared with the same period of last year.

Realized 33.3% of gross profit this quarter, but 38.5% at the same period last year. In the first quarter of 2012, excluding co-partnership company and Sony Ericsson sell, income EBITA before the tax depreciation of the interest is amortized The profit rate is 7.7%, and 14.1% at the same period last year. Excluding the sale of co-partnership company and Sony Ericsson, realize and run and gain 2,800 million Swedish Krones in the first quarter, drop by 56% compared with the same period of last year, the chain rate drops by 32%. Excluding joint venture and Sony Ericsson sell, the operation interest rate in this quarter is 5.5%, but 11.9% at the same period last year.

In the first quarter of 2012, excluding co-partnership company, the income EBITA before the tax depreciation of the interest is amortized The profit rate is 22.8%, and 14.1% at the same period last year. Excluding co-partnership company, realize and run and gain 10,500 million Swedish Krones in the first quarter, increase by 67% compared with the same period of last year, the chain rate increases by 159%. Excluding operation gross profit rate is 20.6% this quarter of joint venture, but 11.9% at the same period last year.

Include this quarter the operation income of the joint venture is 9,100 million Swedish Krones, increase by 56% compared with the same period of last year, the chain rate increases by 321%. Realize net income 8,800 million Swedish Krones in the first quarter of this year, increase by 116% compared with the same period of last year, the chain rate increases by 490%. Quarter the intersection of operation and for 700 million Swedish Krone, for shoulder 2,900 million Swedish Krone the same period last year cash flow this.

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The challenge in China of the apple: Protect one’s own application program, OK

The news on April 26, the apple iPhone fact that the sales volume in China increases sharply in the second quarter shows, have not influenced Chinese consumer’s demand for iPhone in the negative propaganda of a large amount of of China. At present, the apple has already cooperated with two major operators of China Telecom and CHINAUNICOM, but not cooperated with China Mobile.

HuangLeping, personnel of analysis, of Nomura Securities claim ” main challenge that apple face how can permeate through China, go in the middle of the 600 million users of commmunication company. The sales volume of iPhone has seemed already very considerable at present, but if cooperated with Chinese commmunication company, the situation may be better. ”

But the apple faces a potential obstacle. Report and claim according to one that the market analysis company Distimo of a application program released last June, the apple iPhone sales volume in China is so enormous, the downloading amount ranks the second in the market of apple software very naturally in China. But challenge of apple lie in it need, find, come, stop user slip into software shop of iPhone, download the free application program by one route, or can be downloaded from other websites to the application program when only costing little money.

The apple called the second quarter, its income of iTunes shop probably increased by about 1/3, volume is 1,900 million dollars to benefit. Last month, the apple claimed its application program downloads the number of times to reach for 25 billion times in China. The apple is refused at present comments on this question. But Clendenin claims, ” from the viewpoint of long-term, the apple will find the method to solve this problem. ”

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Apple WWDC2012 date will confirm iOS 6 or release

Global developer’s conference WWDC of apple last year Go, Apple has put out and moved the operating system iOS5 and cloud to serve products such as iCloud,etc. formally. Nowadays, the latest news from apple respect claims, the global developer’s conference of the apple will hold in June of this year in 2012, it is estimated that will put out the future generation and move the operating system iOS6 when the time comes.

Apple Company announce a few days ago, until San Francisco holds the developer conference WWDC global in U.S.A. from will it be June 11 this year to June 15 ,At this 5 – day meeting, apple respect will carry on more than 100 by the apple engineer speaker’s technological activity, among them will involve development and arrangement for the relevant products. And convention of in the past such as basis come, watch, at the WWDC, Apple release future generation move the operating system probably – -iOS6.

In addition, apple whom bean vermicelli care about even more should, of future generation the intersection of apple and iPhone can apple in this year announce by conference by global developer, but present every news reveals the issue time of this mobile phone will be this autumn, the official side of natural apple has not taken a stand on this, whether the issue of the apple iPhone will return to WWDC, let us wait and see.

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CNN claims it is very little that the apple develops the conference and releases the new mobile phone possibility in June

Apple announce, develop date of conference this year on April 25, external world expect apple can announce new iPhone when the time comes, but CNN analyzes that is thought, this possibility is very few.

The apple develops the conference WWDC in the whole world of this year Be held in San Francisco on the 11 – 15 of June, the ticket will already be robbed within two hours freely. In the past, the apple had utilized this platform to release two sections of new iPhone. Apple responsible for on the senior level PhilipSchiller of marketing reveal at conference, apple share about iOS and MacOSX operating system newest trends.

CNN analyze claim, have several factor lead to the fact apple it releases new possibilities of Mobile to be less and less. Among them, iPhone4S was not listed until last October, released the upgrading edition of the same product after eight months, this habit not in accordance with apple.

In addition, the apple releases the wealth newspaper of the first quarter on Tuesday, announce that sells 35,100,000 mobile phones this season, have exceeded a lot of analysts expectancy. When this mobile phone goes on the market, a lot of people complain that there are few new functions to compare with previous generation, but the sales figure indicates this mobile phone has still succeeded.

The industry personage says too, according to the achievement expectancy of the second quarter of this year of the apple, it will not release the new mobile phone in summer, will arrange in the autumn of the third quater most probably, will develop the conference the same as last year in the whole world of this year, the protagonist will be released instead of the new products by the software.

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Soft silver unite the intersection of Nokia and Siemens plan 4G serve in push away with FDD-LTE by Japan

Japan soft silver commmunication company unites Nokia Siemens Company ‘ Call ” Nokia Siemens ” in the following text Plan, put out LTE, serve in the autumn of 2012, dispose and integrate its FDD-LTE network.

Soft silver is moved executive vice president, director and concurrently cheif technology officer JunichiMiyakawa and claimed: “Soft silver is moved once witnessing user’s quantity personally and leapt fast, our user’s quantity exceeds 28 million people now. We devoted to through use FDD-LTE put out 4G, serve, strengthen HSPA network coverage of China nature at the same time, bring the best mobile internet to users to experience. ”

The person in charge TakayukiKanda of Nokia Siemens says, through adopting 900MHz frequency band available for HSPA specially in the whole world, soft silver can expand its HSPA network coverage, capacity and apparatus to make to move up effectively, help soft silver to move and dispose its brand-new and China network expanded, cover important cities such as rural area, thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China heavy curtain, Sendai and Fukuoka,etc. at the same time.

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Samsung has not submitted the file card cleanly The court supports apples to demand

Place judge Paul of U.S.A.? Tile PaulS.Grewal in dose Decided a few days ago, Samsung violated the court to require, failed to submit the relevant products file, to prove that has not infringed the patent of the apple by oneself. In addition, the tile has also supported the economic compensation demand of the apple partly in adjudication in dose.

At present, the apple is looking for the evidence actively, prove Samsung infringes its patent. The market personage thinks, require the file referred of Samsung to offer the conclusive evidence for apple, prove Samsung is bent on plagiarizing the design of the apple.

The tile is pointed out in adjudication in dose: “The production scale, case of Samsung try the urgency of the schedule and have demands of the dispute to bring the heavy burden to Samsung numerously, this, undoubtedly, but these can’t regard as Samsung, carry out court, have two at more least specially to submit, involve the intersection of apple and the intersection of products and reason that file require. ” The tile has also supported the economic compensation demand that the apple puts forward partly in adjudication in dose. However, court’s file has not explained the amount of compensation specifically.

Adam, spokesman of Samsung? Thatch of the leaf AdamYates Say in a statement: “Samsung will strictly observe the court to award, at the request of court, offer the required file within fixed time. ”

Prosecuting Samsung to infringe from the apple of last April, both sides had reached more than 30 in the legal disputes of 10 countries of the whole world at present. Last week, Samsung countercharged apples to infringe their 8 patents.

At the beginning of this month, the CEOs of Samsung and apple agree to hold talks in San Francisco of California during future 3 months, discuss that conciliates the legal dispute matters.

The apple CEO Tim? Cook TimCook Tuesday show, he is very willing to conciliate the lawsuit directed against Samsung. However, he puts emphasis on protecting the intellectual property right of the apple at the same time. He points out: “The key problem is, the apple is not a products developer of the world, other rivals should create one’s own products too. ”

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157 million net profits of the first season of Motorola’s system lower 68% compared with the same period of last year

Motorola’s system released the wealth newspaper of first quarter for 2012 fiscal years today. The report reveals, the net profit is 157 million dollars in the first quarter of Motorola’s system, glide compared with the same period of last year, but go beyond the expectancy of analyst of Wall Street, mainly because the sales amount facing government’s customer increases by 11% compared with the same period of last year.

Motorola’s systematic net profit is 157 million dollars, 497 million dollars compared with the same period of last year glide 68%; The earning per share is 49 cents, are 144 million less than the same period last more year dollars. It is 232 million dollars that Motorola’s system comes from the net profit of the lasting operation business in the first quarter, 169 million dollars compared with the same period of last year increase by 37%; The earning per share from lasting operation business is 50 cents, 1.07 dollars compared with the same period of last year glide 53%.

Not charging to the disposable project, Motorola’s system comes from regulating back earning per share into 59 cents of lasting operation business in the first quarter, 54 cents compared with the same period of last year increase by 9%, the expectancy before this of going beyond the analyst. Reuter’s investigation full of trees of soup reveals, the analyst expects the earning per share is 54 cents in the first quarter of Motorola’s system on average.

The chief camp charges for 1,960 million dollars in the first quarter of Motorola’s system, increases by 7% compared with the same period of last year, expectancy before this of going beyond the analyst. Reuter’s investigation full of trees of soup reveals, the analyst expects is 1,930 million dollars that the camp charges in the first quarter of Motorola’s system on average. The sales amount of government department is 1,300 million dollars in the first quarter of Motorola’s system, the proportion is about 2/3 in the chief camp accepts.

Motorola’s system is expected, comes from regulating back earning per share into between 65 cents and 70 cents of lasting operation business in the second quarter in 2012 fiscal years, among them is worth and slightly lower than the analyst the expectancy before this. Reuter’s investigation full of trees of soup reveals, the analyst expects the earning per share is 68 cents in the second quarter of Motorola’s system on average. Motorola’s system estimates, the camp accept and increase the chain rate by about 6% in the second quarter in 2012 fiscal years, namely about 2,100 million dollars. Motorola’s system has also reaffirmed to the expectancy of the achievement prospect of 2012 fiscal years, it is estimated 2012 wealth annual sales amount increases by about 5% compared with the same period of last year, the proportion is about 17% to run profits in the sales amount.

The stock price on Tuesday of Motorola’s system ends with 48.66 dollars in the regular exchange of New York Stock Exchange, had already gone up by 22% since breaking in Motorola since January of 2011.

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Microsoft jointly signs the patent agreement in Hesuo Involve in apparatuses such as Android,etc.

Microsoft has already signed a patent agreement with the Hesuo union, this agreement involves a lot of joint Microsoft’s patents based on that the products in Android and Chrome platform use in Hesuo. Though both sides have not disclosed the content of the agreement, both sides say, Hesuo will jointly pay certain patent use fee to Microsoft according to the regulation of this agreement.

Enterprise Vice President of Microsoft intellectual property right group and concurrently Horacio, total legal adviser of agent, are ancient to mention the thunder now HoracioGutierrez Say: “We are very glad to sign this agreement with union of Hesuo, authorize, plan, continue, succeed, proud of on solving related to Android and Chrome apparatus on the market the intersection of patent dispute and problem as Android. Sign after the the agreement, Microsoft with the intersection of Taiwan and most large 5 the intersection of ODM and 4 manufacturer in the manufacturer sign the patent authorize the agreement. ”

Agreement of this patent has proved the importance of the intellectual property right in IT ecosystem again. Since Microsoft put out the intellectual property right to authorize planning in December of 2003, it has already signed more than 1100 patents and authorized the agreement, and continue developing the new plan, in order to let the customer, cooperative partner and rival use its patent. This plan is that the purpose opens various patents and intellectual property right which investment in research and development and it are increasing constantly of Microsoft.

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Sprint activates 1,500,000 iPhone ultra expectancy in the first quarter

U.S.A. the third largest moves the operator SprintNextel and releases the wealth to report, this company suffers net deficiency in the first quarter on Wednesday, have mainly reduced and remembered network value, and users reduce continuously. But meanwhile, SprintNextel iPhone new users in the first quarter increase, and this company began to impose intellectual mobile phone extra charges of 10 dollars per month last year, impel its income of wireless service charge to increase by a wide margin, this makes investors feel and encourages.

Report reveal SprintNextel iPhone 1,500,000 more than in person who activate first quarter, go beyond expectancy, analyst of Wall Street, in that 44% face what the new customer sell.

SprintNextel only runs off 192,000 users in the first quarter; Only so far as Sprint, user’s number only increases 263,000 in the first quarter. Sprint purchased Nextel in 2005, set up the present company.

The net deficiency of SprintNextel first quarter is 863 million dollars, each share loses 29 cents, but is better than each share that the analyst expects and lose 42 cents; The camp charges 8,730 million dollars, increase by 5% compared with the same period of last year, go beyond anticipated 8,710 million dollars of analyst slightly.

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